Spirituality: It’s Overwhelming

Media saturation, opinions from everywhere, different beliefs and avenues to explore … spirituality is simply overwhelming. Nowadays, everyone has an answer to everything, and everything is known by everyone. Nothing is claimed to be unanswerable. It would seem that there is always a so-called expert who knows the answer to your troubles.

As a promising beginner to spirituality, I’m almost sure that you’ve sent out a few Google searches about spirituality. If you have, I’m sure that you’ve noticed the amount of self-proclaimed experts on the subject, and the endless “how-to” articles. Many are even fear-provoking as they use assertive language such as “do it my way,” or say things like, “make sure to fear this,” or “this is dangerous you’ll end up cursed.” There are many opinions out there. However, at the end of the day, they are only opinions.

Spirituality is truly a customized experience, and you may even take little tidbits from other people or religions to build yours. On the other hand, you may not even do this. This is okay.

Do not let the internet turn you away from researching and exploring. The vast amount of stories on different experiences and beliefs may have you startled, but see this as a good thing. The world is evolving and growing. It is learning just as you are. You will find both silly and provoking ideas.

Instead of simply accepting everything you read, reflect on it. Realize first that what you are reading is an opinion. It may perhaps be a truth, but bare in mind that certain truths are also just opinions. They may not be wrong or right. Do yourself a service by challenging everything you take in. This will allow you to learn more about what you’re reading. By remaining open yet analytical, you allow yourself to think even more constructively than before. By doing this, you are making room for change and learning within your own Self and mind. You are no longer interrupted by opinions or fear.

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